My Clients Create Marvelous Things Being Their True, Authentic Selves


  1. Bring me your biggest dream, that vision that lights you up yet scares you at the same time.
  2. Or bring me your biggest fear, the one that makes you feel small even though you have been successful in the past.
  3. And we’ll handle them. Forever. While we will create the path to freedom. Forever.

You are successful and you make an impact in the world (or you are ready to) and you are curious what it would be like to experience freedom in every area of your life.

Most people die with their dreams and visions still inside them…unrealized. Not so my clients. You are a vessel for the universe. There are visions and ideas that only you receive. If you do not put it into action, nobody will and the world will lose out.


Did You Know That Your Future Is Already Written?

It is called your default future which will take place moment to moment when no further thought, intention, or commitment is brought to it.

Your default future continues at an instinctive level, is rarely shared and so it is invisible. It determines your beliefs, feelings and actions. Most people live a default future. They constantly project that future into the present creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by looking at the present and focusing so much on it that it projects that into the future again. It is a vicious cycle. If you take where they are in this moment, you can extrapolate to where their life will be five, ten, twenty, thirty years from now.

What does your gut tell you life will be like in twenty years if you change nothing, meaning you keep the same job, same career, same partner, same relationship, same friends, same income, same house? Same everything. Twenty years time—what will you be doing, what will life be like? Bear in mind that what does not grow, dies…What does that mean to your life and business?

  1. It’s possible to re-write the future.
  2. It’s possible to be the exception to the rule.
  3. It’s possible to beat the statistics.
  4. It’s possible to create and enjoy a free life.


Tell Me About Your Dreams…

What is your dream? What I do is to help you dream bigger so you embrace your full potential and live your vision based on everything that makes you who you are. You are the creator of your life. I will guide you with a strong, objective and tough love hand by your side.

You are in the wrong place if you want only a small change at a time. I create extraordinary results, major shifts.dare-to-dream

You see, I have a powerful belief that you do not have to live the life others have foreseen for you but you can create it as long as you create the discipline and freedom necessary to do so.

An free life is one where you achieve things that seem impossible right now.

Nobody said that you have to change slowly or even in a difficult manner. To be free, you have to be willing to do things differently and be open to the possibility that everything you want is closer than you think…it might only be 2 mm.


Although I Say I Am In The Personal Freedom Business, What I Actually Do Is …

…help my clients see themselves and their world differently. Because when you help someone see their world differently, their world changes.

When someone sees themselves and their world differently, they show up differently, claiming their true identity, and they create results that seemed impossible before. That is being free from limits.

I am the woman to go to when you are ready to really begin transforming your freedom. Our work together will be intense – deep, one-on-one coaching online as well as offline that not only allows you to uncover your unseen blocks, helps you to learn more about yourself and your patterns but also gives you the tools you need to succeed.

My clients make an IMPACT in the world (or they are ready to). My clients are at the top of their game, in at least one area of their life – whether they are an entrepreneur, a sales professional, a soldier, a creative, a CEO, a coach, a speaker, an author or a consultant. And my clients are ready and willing to find out and do what it would take to reach the next level – or beyond. They are ready to experience true abundance and freedom in all areas of their life. Abundance and freedom is about far more than just money.

If you want to work with me, you are already successful. BUT (and read this carefully) what has helped you get to your current level of success is EXACTLY what is holding you back from your next level of success.

I’m An Expert On Deep, Lasting, Personal Freedom…

And I have worked with hundreds of people to help them move past self-doubts, fears, traumatic experiences and insecurities.

My clients tell me they love that I believe in them. They love that I see and shine the light on the genius inside of them. And they love that I refuse to buy into their limiting stories. Since we can’t see our own blind spots by ourselves, deep powerful coaching is transformational because when I help someone to see their world differently, their world changes. That’s what I do: I help you see your world differently. And your world evolves.

I have worked with clients on five continents who have achieved inspirational results, created passionate relationships and built wealth doing what they love. It’s no wonder that they’re successful.

  • My first client from Spain was a successful Creative Director who was worth almost one million € who won at the Festival of Cannes. I helped him rebuild his life after he lost his job and has been unemployed for almost 3 years. Within one year, he was back on track with his emotional freedom, his sense of strength, his career and his business.
  • One of my clients from Chicago managed to turn his life into a magical success machine. He went from working in the food industry to being a major player in the entertainment and financial industry in less than 9 months.
  • My first Italian client was struggling with a career move she was forced to make. I helped her to feel at home where she was and go the extra mile, motivate her team at a well-known pharmaceutical company so much that she was promoted to a highly competitive program that brought her back to the country she wanted to live in while creating the job she always wanted.
  • Another client from Mexico not only managed to transform the relationship with her mom from resentment to best friends but also managed to create the sales she was supposed to make in 3 months in only one month.
It Will Take You More Than Just Money…

My coaching is not for everyone.
My coaching requires discipline and commitment.
My Personal Freedom Mastery clients and I work together for 13 months and their life absolutely transforms.

I work with most clients from one to three years. All coaching is done via Skype, phone or face to face either where you live or where I live or in a chosen location. Coaching is one on one or one on two (couples). I work with those whose word is more powerful than any contract or document.

All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching engagement and is non-refundable. If you choose to quit for any reason, all compensation will go directly to a charity of my choice.

My coaching is not for the faint of heart.

Based on the level of intensity and engagement, it takes between €10,000 and €80,000 to work with me for a year. But this opportunity will cost you more than money. You must be ready to invest your energy, your time and your commitment to creating something so powerful in your life that it will have a lasting impact.

On the higher end of that commitment, your coaching will also include my highly acclaimed Home Retreat and my new Breakthrough Retreat™. 

The purpose of the Home Retreat™ is to help you condition the identity and behavior that will boost your life and business in YOUR OWN ENVIRONMENT.

The purpose of the brand-new Breakthrough Retreatis to allow you to discover new sides of yourself through experiential learning  in different areas of the world. During that experience you will have the privilege to have two powerful coaches serving you, my husband Hélio Vogas and myself.


Your life will transform…you are ready…and we talk…