How To Free Yourself Emotionally, Attract The Unconditional, Passionate Love Into Your Life You Always Wanted But Never Dared To Dream Of & Stay In The Flow To Stay Happily In Love In 6 Simple Steps

By Claudia Baier, Your Personal Freedom Ambassador featured on ABC and NBC

, 11:27pm

My husband and me at our wedding, October 2014

My husband and me at our wedding, October 2014

Trying to heal your broken heart and move on with your life? Did anybody ever teach you how? Many people are suffering needlessly, only because they just DON’T KNOW HOW to heal their hurting heart and let go of the past. We hear so often “Get over it!” but how to do it, nobody really could really tell you so far.

As a Personal Freedom Ambassador, I see too many people walking around all torn up inside because they simply lack THE SKILL SET TO HEAL THEMSELVES. And skills are teachable!

There is a saying that says, ‘time heals all wounds’. Well, time MIGHT make you forget some of the intensity of the pain but it will never truly away without you doing something about it! Typically, it just goes by and worsens the pain, if you don’t DO something about it. Know that you DO have the power to heal!

On this website, you will learn how to RELEASE what no longer serves you AND PREPARE for your soulmate and POSITION yourself for a life-long, satisfying relationship that will end up in marriage if you choose for it to do so. Being happy and emotionally free when you are single is the key ingredient to attracting a quality person into your life, the kind of person that brings out the BEST in you and that shines the light on that BEST side of you. We all “know” it, but as I always say, “knowing doesn’t mean a thing, if you aren’t doing it!” The same is true when you are in a relationship where passion has gone or where you do not feel 100% happy anymore. When you claim your emotional freedom, you attract the quality side of your spouse/partner!

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Does whatever I do to “get over it” seem fruitless and leave me feeling like a failure?
  • Am I afraid that I’ll never get over this feeling of emptiness and loss?
  • Is my pain preventing me from moving forward in other areas of my life?
  • Is it difficult to go a few hours without thinking negative thoughts or feeling down about the past?
  • Does it seem like every time I try to forgive, healing never seems to take place?
  • Do my past relationship still have a hold of me or am I done with seeing my past partners move forward with their life while I stay stuck in the past?
  • Am I ready to let go of the pain and take charge of my life again?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to join this program!

What You Will Learn In These Six Transformational Months:

  • What makes you tick in relationships and what has caused all the trouble in your love life so far
  • Gain back the control over your mind and heart after break-ups
  • What seemed hard and impossible suddenly feels natural to you
  • Be able to be at ease around those who make your knees weak
  • How to become happily single, instead of miserable, desperate or needy
  • Finally hold on to a relationship with someone who rocks your world
  • The first thing to do to start your soulmate preparation process
  • How to prepare your environment for partnership
  • How to set an intention that will change your life on a quantum level
  • What to eliminate from and implement into your thought patterns to magnetize love
  • What to say and what to stop saying to manifest your soulmate
  • What to do and what to stop doing to attract someone great into your life
  • How to craft a “love plan”
  • How to become the type of person you’d like to marry!
  • Why focusing on becoming a “10″ yourself will attract a “10″ relationship
  • How to attract a soulmate who will support you and be loyal to you
  • How to set the stage (BEFORE you meet them) for praise, honor and respect
  • How to attract a healthy relationship by having one with yourself, FIRST
  • How to have active faith while preparing
  • The one thing you may be doing to REPEL, instead of attract your soulmate
  • How to break down barriers that resist the idea that YOU can succeed in love
  • How to completely clean out your heart of old resentments/disappointments
  • How to release all the emotional “gunk” that’s holding you back
  • How to cut the emotional ties from former relationships
  • How to recover from heartbreak and MOVE ON!
  • How to permanently get over a mentally & emotionally abusive situation
  • How to release your fears of being hurt, used or taken advantage of
  • How to let go of the pain of a person addiction or attachment
  • How to remove the “invisible fence” between you and real love
  • How to fully and completely recover from a past “failed” relationship
  • Why to set high expectations for yourself before you do for someone else
  • How to start loving NOW, because what you put out, you get back
  • How to clear the clutter in your energy field to prepare for your soulmate
  • How to stop the cycle of the “new person, same story”
  • How to dissolve anger and resentment from a past relationship
  • How to heal painful childhood events so you don’t dump your “crap” on someone you love
  • How to trust that someone is out there just for you, and not settle in the meantime
  • How to POSITION yourself for the spouse of your dreams!
  • How to create a fun and exciting “preparation” process instead of a frustrating “waiting” process
  • How to let go of “Mr./Ms. Not-Right” or “Mr./Ms. Right For Now” to make space for Mr./Ms. Right!
  • What to do NOW to guarantee you make a great first impression later
  • Why it’s a MUST that you become the type of person you’d want to spend the rest of your life with
  • Why it’s SO IMPORTANT to focus on what you bring to the table, rather than what you can take! (Psst…giving is the quickest way to receive!)
  • How to actively heal yourself towards becoming a whole and complete person
  • How to “let go” of painful memories and embrace the present
  • Techniques, including neurological reprogramming, to stop the perpetuation of the feelings of sadness, loss and depression
  • How to move through the fear of moving on!
  • How to become so solid that you’re ready to deal with life’s new challenges with a positive sense of emotional balance that you may never have had before
  • How to release pain, guilt, grief, shame, resentment and anger
  • The exact process I used to rebuild my love life after just another break-up
  • How to emerge confident and powerful after a massive blow to your heart
  • Why burying or ignoring painful emotions is NOT the way to move through the healing process, and what to do instead
  • How to shift your thoughts from constrictive and negative to expansive and positive
  • How you can finally be authentic in your relationships and be loved for the real you
  • How taking responsibility for your own emotions gives you unstoppable confidence

Why Should You Listen To Me:
Listen to this radio interview where I share insights about the importance of honesty and personal development in relationships!

How did you like the insights from the radio interview so far? Do not worry. There are more insights to come on this website! Let’s continue!

How Will I Help You To Free Yourself & Attract The One?

Well, I am not. You are! I choose a select number of highly committed clients to coach, mentor, consult and train for 6 months on a monthly basis showing them how to free themselves from what is currently jailing them and enabling them to attract the ONE by being their true authentic self! I empower YOU to turn YOURSELF into The One For Your Ideal Partner!

Imagine how proud you will feel when you can say, ” I did it myself!”. That is what I felt like at a Tony Robbins’ event when I initially wanted an intervention with one of the trainers but ended up losing my voice on the first day of the event and thus had no other choice but turning MYSELF around leveraging the strategies I learned at the event. The Love Authenticity Spa program will enable you to feel more certainty, significance, love, excitement, variety, growth and contribution than you EVER felt before in the area of love! How do I know this? I did it to myself!!! As you can see in the picture at the top, I did find my ideal man at age 34, after many lost relationships that were very painful but full of lessons. I managed to let go of the pain of the past, used the lessons of these relationships and turned myself into a woman who DARES to be herself when she is with a man. It did not take me 20 men to find the one that rocked my world after making this change in myself. It did not take 10 men. It did not take 5 men. It did not take 3 men…it did not even take 1 man.

After I took myself through the process you will experience shortly, I found the man of my dreams only 60 days afterwards and managed to smoothly go with the flow right into a happy and fulfilled marriage.

What This Powerful 6-Month Program Includes:

1) Training Material (€995 value)
From the first to the last month, you will get access to effective and content-rich training audios based on the step of the month. You can listen to these training audios at your own convenience. The content I share in these training audios have turned people’s lives around in half an hour at times.  The schedule consists of the steps I took to not only get rid of the pain of the past but also get ready to be with my ideal man.

2) Monthly Private 1:1 Laser Coaching Call-In-Hours with Claudia* (€2,995 value)
The importance of private 1-on-1 coaching calls becomes apparent when you only receive training calls. There is a danger that you might drift off with your focus or misunderstand content. The 1-on-1 coaching sessions allow you to stay on track and make the content you learn during the training audios applicable to your particular situation. International people are highly encouraged to join the spa since there will be several options to call in at various times throughout the month!

3) Workbook (€195 value)
It helps you to get clear and dig into your love and authenticity background so that you have a solid foundation to release what is holding you back!

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Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try out the first month of the program. Use what you learn. If you do not manage to get a major clarity about yourself in relationships, reach out to me at [email protected] and describe what you have tried and how that has worked. If we cannot figure out a way for you to get the results you want, I am happy to refund your money.          
Get Access Now for €147/Month for 6 Months including monthly 1:1 Coaching!

Get Access Now for €97/Month for 6 Months without monthly 1:1 Coaching!