Does this sound like you?
You are strong.
You are passionate. You tend to take action instead of just talking about things.
You have a track record of success. Yet, you crave something more…
You are in the right place. And you are stronger than you think.

The single biggest challenge you face as an aspiring world changer is that your game is so much bigger than that of anyone around you. You play at a level at which most people cannot even see how much you are holding back from what is possible.

I am an expert at turning underdogs into top performers, top performers into visionaries and visionaries into world changers. These are people from all around the world. And here’s what I know about you:

Despite your success—actually, because of it—doing more of what you’re already doing is not going to lead to your next level of success.

The Very Qualities That Have Led To Your current success are precisely what hold you back from even greater levels of accomplishment.

Through my work, I have discovered that there are nine qualities of high achievers that propel them forward and also hold them back the most—at the very same time. Your gifts, in fact, become your challenges:

1. You are a powerful visionary.

The very power of your vision can be detrimental to your success because you dream so big that you can get overwhelmed.

Have you ever been overwhelmed with all the options that are suddenly available to you?

Are you struggling to begin each project due to that paradox of choice?

2. You experience exponential success.

Despite the admiration of those around you, things often come easily to you. It is easy to misinterpret the nature of rapid attainment, so you can feel like you are hiding a “dirty little secret”. Have you ever judged yourself for people lazy? You are not alone. Many of the highest-achieving people on the planet do so.

3. You have competing commitments that begin to surface the more successful you become.

Your very drive for success is motivated by deep commitments and values.

Did you ever not make happen what you claimed to be committed to?

If so, that is a clue that there is a stronger, competing commitment to which you are unknowingly committed.

4. You get comfortable in the Gray Zone.

The Gray Zone refers to a pace set by a runner that is too fast for recovery and too slow for growth. A pace like this can feel like a tough workout. But running in this zone, run after run, will actually lead to a decline in performance.

The danger for a top performer is that your Gray Zone creates so much more than the average person that there is a temptation to continually underperform without even realizing that you’re doing so.

5. You are an extremely talented problem-solver.

You have a finely-tuned ability to scan the horizon for “danger” and this bias towards solving problems means you are energized by challenges and threats. So you tend to avoid things—taxes, relationships, income, etc.—until they reach problem-level status. And you struggle to focus on longer-term goals.

6. You seek perfection.

The more success you have and the more money you make, the greater the pressure to keep up with that level of success. The barrier to start each subsequent project becomes unbearably high, because each time it is re-set to an even greater level, based upon the rewards of your previous project.

7. You are future-focused.

Having your attention firmly on the future enables you to take action immediately, the moment you have an idea. But you rarely slow down enough to notice the impact of those déjà vu challenges that seem to re-surface, time after time.

8. You don’t need help.

Well, you don’t. People are astounded by what you create. You are one of the highest-achieving people you know. And you definitely don’t need support. So you are missing your own very personal support team.

9. You miss out on hearing the “truth”.

The higher you rise, the harder it can become for you to open up with the people around you. And the higher you rise, the harder it becomes for the people around you to speak their truth. Top performers often have few people in their world willing to say exactly what they need to hear the most.

I am often the only person in my client’s world who is not here to please them. I won’t sugar coat it. I won’t let your fears hold you back. I won’t believe your ‘stories’. And I won’t buy into your bullshit. I’ll tell you how it is. I’ll say what no one else in your world is bold enough to say. And I’ll do that from an authentic and vulnerable place.

How I can support you?

When I meet someone interested in coaching, I ask them to tell me about their dreams. And then I help them to dream bigger than they have ever dreamed before. Then, I help them see a way they can really, truly create that dream in their life.

Nobody said that change has to be slow or even hard. To live an exponential life, you have to be willing to do things differently and be open to the possibility that everything you want is closer than you think.

If you’re ready to play full out, here are some ways I can support you:

1:1 Coaching

Personal Freedom Mastery

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Freedom Academies

LOVE Authenticity Spa™

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Top Performer Bootcamp™

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