Do These Concerns Sound Familiar?

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Fulfillment & Legacy – What You Do Matters!

  • Do you ever have to contend with a major life transition, from the workaday world to a world where work is voluntary?
  • Do you find that your work is viewed as a charade and not valued as highly as you are hoping for?
  • Do you want to avoid being a dabbler and not having made the impact that you had hoped?
  • Do you on the one hand want your offsprings to take over the business but have challenges letting go of it on the other hand?

Emotional Freedom & Communication – How You Feel Matters!

  • Do you ever feel isolated? Do you have challenges truly connecting with other people and opening up to them?
  • Do you feel like you cannot share some of the stressors in your life just to avoid the answer ‘Yeah, wouldn’t I like to have your problems?’
  • Do you have trouble trusting people in love and work?
  • Do you have to deal with some friends disappearing, and others—perhaps attracted by the newfound wealth—appearing?

Efficiency & Effectiveness – Your Time Matters!

  • Do you lack time? Do you work 50-60 plus hours a week or more? Do you want someone to help you to save time?
  • How much is one hour of your time worth? How much of your time do you spend/waste on worrying, doubting, being afraid? How much does your productivity suffer from that? What could you do with that time instead?
  • Is your life complicated? Do you want someone to make your life easier? Do you want a sense of simplicity in your life?

Your Children’s Future – Your Other Kind of Legacy Matters!

  • Do you ever feel that your offsprings lack the motivation to accomplish anything in life?
  • Are you afraid your children are going to be “drifting,” without a career or purpose, in the worst cases, the rest of their natural life?
  • Do you worry that the men in your daughters’ lives could feel “powerless,” and that “their role as provider has been hijacked”?
  • Are you concerned that your children are robbed of their ambition, grow up with a sense of entitlement, and cannot develop a strong sense of empathy and compassion?
  • Are you afraid your children take either too many risks, because they know the consequences of failure are minimal, or too few, because they feel assured in their financial well-being?

Are you ready to stop hitting the resent button? How would it help you if you had someone who can sympathize with your particular concerns and finds the solution with and for you? Would you like to concentrate on things that will make the world a better place and help to make you truly happy?

2 Times British Gymnastics Champion Mark Skipper Endorsing Claudia’s Coaching & Sharing One Big Lesson She Taught Him:
Claudia Baier after she walked over hot coals in 2010

Claudia Baier after she walked over hot coals in 2010

What Does The Turnaround Concept Include?
  • You will be able to understand what makes you think, act and feel the way you are and how to change that.
  • You will get exactly the answers you need to move forward on the question/issue that is most important to you!
  • You will learn how to get exactly what you want, no matter if it is inner peace, success, love, clients or world peace! ;-)
  • You will learn how to trust your intuition, trust yourself and believe more in yourself.
  • You will learn how to enjoy change and being in control by not being in control…yes, this paradox will be revealed to you.
  • You will learn what is the best way to engage help on your way to get your results faster!
  • There will also be a surprise for you that gives you guidance, makes you think and lights up your day at the same time!
Errol Seaman, Brighton Bears Basketball Star Endorsing Claudia’s Coaching:

What Are The Steps You Will Enjoy Going Through?
  • You will get to know Claudia in a No-Cost ”Trusted Friendship” interview in which we get to know each other and see what is best for you.
  • Then, you will be taken through a proven process that will give you breakthroughs and insights about yourself, your situation and where you want to go and truly gets you thinking your way to freedom! Clarity will be your best friend after this Turnaround Session!
  • Based upon the Turnaround Session and the interview, Claudia will create the Turnaround Concept for your particular situation which outlines the roadmap to success and freedom for you.
  • You will be presented with the Turnaround Concept so you can immediately put the ideas into action. We will be discussing how to implement all of these!
Sign up today to reserve your spot for the no-cost “Trusted Friendship” interview since I can only take a very limited number of people a month for this concept!  
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